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SDSU senate votes to retire Aztec mascot

The Aztec ascot at SDSU may get retired.
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ABC 10

San Diego State University's mascot Aztec Warrior may soon be a thing of the past. The University Senate voted a whopping 52-15 to retire the effigy which many find offensive.

A task force will also look into the use of the name “Aztecs.”

The results will now head to the desk of Interim President Sally Roush, where it will await her decision.

ABC 10 reports that earlier this year the college’s Associated Student Council opposed a resolution to phase out the mascot.

Students have criticized the symbolic figure as offensive and guilty of cultural appropriation.

American Indian studies lecturer Ozzie Monge said the Aztec mascot discussion has many facets but begs one important question

“The question is not ‘is this racist?’ or ‘is this problematic?’” Monge said. “It is."

She adds: "The question is ‘do we want this to continue to represent us?’”