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San Diego Pro Soccer franchise officially named '1904'

"The number is already iconic in San Diego, now it will stand for the passion and pride of our region.”
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The region’s newest professional sports organization proudly announced today that it will officially be known as 1904 Football Club. Along with a description of the club name’s origin, the team unveiled a brand video to share their story.

1904 // A name inspired for and by the people of its representative city. A fellow supporter and most importantly, a San Diegan, suggested 1904, deriving from S, the 19th letter of the alphabet, paired with D, the 4th letter, making 1904 an iconic name for San Diego soccer.

From the start, this team has been deeply rooted in its interest and appeal to the street culture here, making Nineteen O’Four and the many variations of this name absolutely fitting. Finally, we have chosen to use Football Club because of what we're steadily moving towards, to bring San Diego football and its valued players to the world.

Colors/Logo // 1904 FC’s colors are as simple as the game itself. A game where one team must score just one more goal than the other. Black and white also represent both the darkness (challenges) of sports and the light (victory).

The telescope represents the club’s long-term vision and commitment to the region, along with its goal of developing local football talent and helping young players achieve their dreams of playing international soccer.

It also symbolizes the club’s connection to the city’s long-standing commitment, described as Semper Vigilans, which means ever vigilant, on the city seal.

“We believe in the people of San Diego. Our name reflects our commitment to the city and street culture,” said club founder and professional soccer star, Demba Ba. “The number is already iconic in San Diego, now it will stand for the passion and pride of our region.”

In addition to Ba, the 1904 FC founding ownership group includes three other well-known professional footballers: Eden HazardYohan Cabaye and Moussa Sow.

They are joined by sports business professionals Alex GontranVagno Chandara and Bob Watkins. The club’s leadership has begun leveraging their global network of coaches, stand-out athletes and sports executives to build a premier football club focused on player development for San Diego.

“San Diego is ready for professional soccer and we are excited to build this club together with the community,” said the club’s chief operating officer, Ricardo Campos. “Our supporters expect a quality product on the field and we are working hard to launch a team San Diegans are proud of. Building a successful club takes time, but the most exciting part is for young athletes and fans to be a part of history from the beginning.”

Starting as a member of the North American Soccer League (NASL) in March of 2018, 1904 FC will represent San Diego on national and international levels of competition in both league and tournament play.

San Diego has not fielded an outdoor professional soccer club since 1984.

1904 FC is expected to share additional news in the coming weeks.

Additional information can be found on the club’s website: www.1904fc.com