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Ben Stokes suspended for fighting off alleged homophobes

Cricket sportsman Ben Stokes suspended for protecting to gay men from homophobe.
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UK sports celebrity Ben Stokes was put on suspension from his cricket team after a video was released of him involved in a brawl outside an English pub this week.

But the fight may have been in response to homophobes engaging in verbal abuse with two gay men according to Piers Morgan.

Stokes, 26, was charged with causing bodily har according to New Now Next, but Morgan has defended the sportsman's actions in a series of tweets.

Morgan wrote: “I’m hearing that Ben Stokes intervened to help two gay guys who were being abused by yobs [youths], one of whom was armed with a bottle.”  

“Stokes has told friends he was incensed by the homophobic taunts, then saw the bottle being raised & decided to defend himself,” he added. “Stokes obviously regrets what happened but apparently his view is: ‘They started it, I finished it. I was protecting those guys.’”

The report goes on to say that Stokes may have broken his hand in the brawl and that he claims self-defense, “The guy had a bottle in his hand and was threatening us—was I supposed to wait until he smashed it in my face?”

Police have taken Stokes’ statement and are currently looking for other witnesses. The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB is waiting for the conclusion of that investigation to bring him back to play.

You can watch the video HERE