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Fans escorted from Fenway Park after they display racism banner

Fans at Fenway Park in Boston were escorted out of the stadium after they draped a banner about racism over the left field wall, or “The Green Monster” as it is nicknamed, on Wednesday night.

The Boston Red Sox were hosting Oakland, a game that ended in a 7-3 loss for the home team.

The sign in question read “Racism is as American as Baseball,” and was displayed for a duration of about one batter reports ABC and then was taken down by the request of the umpire who said it was in fair territory. 

Reports say there were some boos as security not only took down the sign but escorted four people from the venue.

A spokesman for the Red Sox said the group responsible for the sign were inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement.

"Saw it was draped over the Monster," Red Sox manager John Farrell said. "From the dugout, you see someone expressing their opinion and it looked like it was withdrawn relatively quick."

Boston right fielder Mookie Betts also saw the sign and said, "There was no place for that," adding, “That’s for another day, though." 

The Red Sox, earlier this season, had to address another accusation about race when Orioles center fielder Adam Jones claimed at a May 1 game he was subject to racial slurs and was hit with peanuts during the game.

Boston team president Sam Kennedy offered a personal apology to Jones the next day. Jones was also given extended applause in his first at-bat during which pitcher Chris Sale stepped off the mound to allow the adulations to continue

“Just appreciative that action was taken and not everybody feels the same way as selected people," Jones said after the game. "Sale, who works extremely fast, took his time and let it relish a little bit, so I appreciate the sentiments.”