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Openly gay Tom Daley takes gold in Budapest

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Openly gay diver Tom Daley won the gold medal in Budapest last week

In a tense final dive against Aisen Chen, whom he failed to beat in the Rio 2016 Olympic event, Daley felt the pressure but remained confident.  

“When I saw Chen do his last dive, I saw the Chinese team cheering and celebrating as if they had won,” Daley told the Guardian. “And I was like ’OK, you want to play that game? I’m going to show you what I can do too.’

“It turned me into a competitive animal. I was like ’OK, this is fun — this is what we’ve all been working for. Let the best man win’. It was a weird competitive feeling. It was like I had blinkers on.”

That motivation was key to his win against Chen, something he wasn’t able to do in Rio.

"An Olympic gold is the one thing I'm yet to win and it's my dream," he told the BBC.

The victory was witnessed in the stands by his mother and by his husband, screenwriter Dustin Lance Black.

OutSports notes that the media’s mention of Daley and his husband is a major step forward in sports reporting given that just nine years ago NBC didn’t acknowledge Olympic diver Mathew Mitcham was openly gay and his boyfriend was cheering him on from the stands.