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Baja Medica offers affordable health treatments across the border

Baja Medica is located at Corales 126, Playa Ensenada, Ensenada 22880
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People in San Diego often want to look and feel their best, but cost limitations are often a factor in getting those services and therefore some people opt to either forego treatments or find them elsewhere.

There is a low-cost, high-quality alternative called Baja Medica and it’s a lot closer than you think. 

This medical facility has it all, from treatments for aging to HIV wellness and resources.

Aging is, of course, normal but there are certain things that one can do in order to reverse the process or fix certain aspects of the body where time has taken its toll.

Baja Medica is a team of dedicated professionals whose main goal is to get their patients on the road to good health and in the meantime maintain their progress to a healthier more beautiful life.

All of these services are provided by Baja Medica in a comfortable, luxurious office.

You may be thinking, but the practice is in Mexico. However, Baja Medica provides patients with the same wellness clinic experience they would find in the US, maybe better.

They focus on the total body approach to wellness and provide detailed health screenings before beginning any treatments.

Services include:

Age management

Regenerative medicine

Health screenings

HIV therapy

For HIV testing and therapy, Baja Medica prides themselves on being pioneers in the field.

They understand how a patient must feel after being diagnosed and may be confused about where to go from there.

“We have found that the more knowledge a patient has about the testing process and the treatment process, the more at ease they feel and the more in control they feel of their own life. For this reason, we are open to answering any questions you have not only about living with HIV but also about the different tests and treatment options.”

As far as men’s health, Baja Medica offers plenty of ways for them to feel and look healthy.

One of those things is HGH therapy. HGH therapy for men is the replacement of human growth hormone in your body.

Baja Medica are experts at administering the hormone and after testing to see if you are the right candidate for the treatment will stick with you along the way.

Whatever your concerns about wellness, the aging process or HIV treatments, Baja Medica is definitely an option to consider when it comes to cost or an alternative.

You can schedule an appointment at Baja Medica by clicking HERE. Or call (619) 955-1317

Baja Medica is located at Corales 126, Playa Ensenada, Ensenada 22880