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Dr. Eugene J. Nowak makes modern fat loss really cool

Dr, Eugene J. Nowak and staff at Nowak Aesthetics.
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Nowak Aesthetics

Dr, Eugene J. Nowak, of Nowak Aesthetics,  might be considered the Michelangelo of the South Bay. That might seem to be a stretch to compare a cosmetic surgeon to a fifteenth-century artistic mastermind, but when it comes to bringing out the beauty of his patients in San Diego, Dr. Nowak is a bit of a sculptor himself.

His chisels may be more advanced, but the results are exactly the same.

One of those tools is called CoolSculpting. And just like Michelangelo, he can take that and use it to transform, not marble, but the human form.

You may have seen him on local television news stations talking about the latest in cosmetic treatments. His practice also won the award for San Diego’s Best Cosmetic Dermatologist in the Union Tribune's Reader’s Poll 2014.

One thing is for sure, he is easy to talk to and gets really excited when we talk about CoolSculpting

To understand this amazing procedure, you first have to know its origins.

Dr. Nowak is As a Board Certified Dermatologist who received his Medical Training at MidWestern University, he is a guest speaker at national and international medical meetings and also trains students attending UCSD medical programs.

He tells San Diego Gay and Lesbian News that this innovative CoolSculpting technique has origins in a popular kids summertime treat.

“This actually came about from a theory from the doctors at Harvard. It started with popsicles,” he explains. “The kids would eat a lot of popsicles and what they found was that they were freezing the fat cells in their cheeks and about six weeks later they would get little dimples in their cheeks. Initially, they were like what causing this? They did some biopsies and found that the fat cells were injured. So they finally figured that it was the cold that was causing it.”

Doctors wanted to mimic the effects of the popsicle-effect to help people who wanted to lose fat, charge up the fat cells collectively without damaging the skin.

You may already know that a traditional liposuction requires and invasive surgery, but with this new technology, Dr. Nowak says, “patients can have it on a lunch hour and jump back go to work.”

Although CoolSculpting has been around for a few years, it has been updated and perfected over a short period of time.

Most of the changes are introductions and updates to the tools.

“The applicators have changed,” Dr. Nowak says. “They have an applicator which can treat where ever you want. It used to be an hour to treat the area now it takes 30 minutes.”

Like the wares of a sculptor, there are different tools that do different things. In the case of CoolSculpting, each piece of equipment has its own duty to contour and shape the area you want to be treated.

The science behind it can be compared to another household staple.

“It’s like putting a stick of butter in the refrigerator,” he says. “It freezes those little fat cells it causes a little trauma a little injury and they start breaking down. They get better more than three to four months out.”

Those cells eventually absorb into the system and get expelled from the body.

“It would be kinda like if you ate some French fries --you eat a fatty meal --your body breaks those fats down and processes them. And because they are broken down slowly, there is no big shock to the system there is no big increase in the fats in the blood.”

Another benefit to this non-invasive miracle of fat-loss is that the cells are removed permanently. Dr. Nowak recommends having a healthy eating lifestyle to maintain the weight because even though the fat cells are gone from one area they remain in others.

“If you gain weight, it can show up in other areas before it can show up there. Statistically, it’s only removing a percentage of the fat cells.”

His office has two CoolSculpting machines which means he can do two areas at once. He emphasizes that patients are treated faster. You can even speed up the results with a process called Z Wave.

“It is a radio sound wave machine so when those fat cells are frozen and crystallized we use this little sound wave machine to try to break them up and try to get more fat cells to break down. And that showed almost a 70% increase in the breakdown of the fat cells.”

The battle of the bulge it seems has no defense against the elements. Not only does freezing the fat cells kill them, heat can also be used as a plan of attack.

“We do a thermo lipo procedure which is amazing because we lipo and then we tighten the skin at the same time, if someone says, you know, ‘I can’t have the downtime,’ or ‘I’m not ready for that at this point,’ sometimes you just know you’re going to go back a and re-treat areas.”

And his office is not only makes the procedure painless, the initial visit and consultation is also easy.

The initial consultation is free of charge, and once Dr. Nowak understands what your concerns are, he can then move forward with a medical plan of action.

“Once we understand your concern, we map out the areas that we want to treat.” He explains. “And then like I said, the applicators have different shapes for different curves for different body areas so then we set a client in place of how many areas we need to treat.”

After that, you can relax in the CoolSculpting room and do what you would normally do at that time, or just relax. He says clients can watch Netflix, or take a nap while the applicator works its magic (about 15 minutes), with some repositioning if necessary.

He recalls one apprehensive client who was scared at first, but was happy she brought a good book.

“We had a patient one time and she was supposed to do six, and she only scheduled for two because she was nervous, and we did the first two and she was like, ‘that’s it? That’s all I’m going to feel?’ She’s like do you have time to do all six? Because I got a really good book I’m reading. And we did all six right that day.”

After that, people can continue on with their day, although he says a small number of people may experience discomfort because of numbness, others use their lunch hour and simply go back to work.

As far as gender, CoolSculpting is equally effective on both sexes. He says men are more likely to want to attack, “love handles: that mid-section area that men are always challenged with.”

He adds that the treatment has been around for a few years now, “But it’s kinda been the best kept secret.”

Although Dr. Nowak doesn’t work in marble the way Michelangelo did, he does sculpt things of beauty in his own way. And sometimes people don’t believe that change can be made so easily, quickly and without surgery.

“People are like, you can actually do this without a surgery, and yes it can actually be done.”

Perhaps his motto in the office can explain it better.

“If you’re happy we’re happy.”

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