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Restarting your routine is an exercise in and of itself

Wellness isn’t a pill you take and then after don’t need to address the subject again.
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Grant Foreman

If you’re reading this, I’d like to think that maybe you’ve also read other pieces from me here and have gained some motivation at least to move more frequently.

Once you start, and you decide you’re worth it enough to keep going and make a routine of it, there’s going to be a time where you take a break for some reason.

Coming back from a break is sometimes just as hard as starting for the first time.

It’s going to hurt; accept this pain and use it as fuel.

You may not have realized how much you were progressing before the break and now that you’ve started again the pain should make you proud to know that you’ve gotten past this before. Now it’s time to do it again.

Wellness isn’t a pill you take and then after don’t need to address the subject again. Like teeth brushing, it’s a part of daily life. Get into it.

Begin again, allow time to settle back in, you’re worth it.

Jumping in at the same level you were training at before can be a recipe for injury and demoralizing performances.

This goes for weight lifting to walking.

If you had gotten up to four, 45 minute walks a week try easing in with two twenty and then a thirty. Next week you’ll be ready for that 45-minute one again!

If you were benching two plates for reps but haven’t lifted in a while, let your first chest day be a progression and see where your new normal is. You can use your past performances as a general guide, but you need to see where your body is at right now.

Sure it hurts worse than before you took the break, BUT it will take a fraction of the time to catch back up than it took to get there in the first place. Keep reminding yourself of this and get back to the routine.

I talk about the mental side of fitness often. Here again, it’s our head-game that can either remind us of what we're capable or take that same reminder and think what’s the point, better to just give up.

It’s only important that you do start again.

Keep coming back to it, be patient with yourself, and focus not only on the traits you liked about yourself before the break but also what it is you like about yourself right now!

Abs are fun but this about so much more.

We teach work ethic to our children (or at least ought to be) because we want them to be successful against the odds.

This too is work ethic.

Start again, be patient with yourself, let go of excuses.