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'Galaxy' star instructs homophobes with some choice words

Dave Bautista gives homophobes instruction on what they can do with their issues.
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Much like his character Drax in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, Dave Bautista is outspoken and painfully honest when it comes to his personal life. 

The former WWE star showed support for his mother in a recent Twitter post in which he said:

“‘Proud son of a lesbian and anyone who has issue with that can suck my balls.’

His remarks were in response to one fan who applauded Bautista’s support of the LGBT community.

Bautista added: “Obviously no thanks necessary but I appreciate the acknowledgement.”

The pro wrestler grew up in Washington D.C., but eventually moved to San Francisco with his mother.

In a 2008 interview with The Herald and Weekly Times, the massive entertainer recalls his childhood and being the son of a lesbian, “I never had an issue with my mother’s sexuality. She loved us, she cared for us and that’s all that mattered,” he said. “She was with my dad for a small part of my life. After that, I don’t remember her having anything but girlfriends.”

Last year Bautista became very vocal when boxer Manny Pacquiao said gay people were like animals.

“My mom happens to be a lesbian so I don’t f**king take that sh*t,”  Bautista told TMZ last year. "If anyone called my mother an animal I’d stick my foot in his ass.”

He also said he respected Pacquiao as a sportsman but as far as the boxer's homophobic opinions go, he could stick them where the sun don't shine.