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Out former rugby star Sam Stanley gets engaged

 Sam Stanley got engaged to his partner of seven years, Laurence Hicks.
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Out and proud former rugby star, Sam Stanley, got engaged to his partner of seven years, Laurence Hicks, last weekend reports OutSports.

“After being a part of each other’s lives for almost 7 years, Laurence has been my pretend godfather, uncle, cousin and many others in order to make sure no one found out about us and that we were a couple funny looking back after having come so far together. The most loving man I know and I'm incredibly happy to say that we're now engaged," Stanley posted throughout his social media pages. 

His big announcement spanned across social media, receiving congratulatory regards and overwhelming support.  

 But some have taken potshots at the couple who criticize the May/December romance.

Unshaken Stanley quickly addressed those comments in Attitude Magazine.  

“I’m sure as everyone knows, you’re not doing anything right if you’re not getting criticized in this world,” Stanley said. “Laurence and I love each other and to us that’s all that matters. We’re proud to represent the many relationships like ours.”

As for what the future holds for the couple, Stanley told Attitude he's excited to see what happens. 

"Laurence & I have decided to move to Sicily together. We’re moving May 8th so very soon. Laurence has a few travel projects he’s working on and I’m taking over a gym. As far as children go we have spoken a bit on the subject and I’d love to have kids."

He adds: "But for now I think we need to focus on our new projects and me on my Italian. All I’ve ever known is rugby so I’m looking forward to a new challenge."