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'Expecting Surrogacy' is an affordable alternative for LGBT folks

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Surrogacy Beyond Borders

Two years ago, San Diego Gay and Lesbian News did a profile story on San Diego business woman Lilly Frost (pictured left).

She is the CEO of Expecting Surrogacy, a company that can keep their costs low by having her surrogates take up residence in Mexico, Cancun to be exact.

Lilly was inspired to create her business because she noticed desperate couples were spending $140,000 to $190,000 to other services to do what she knew she could for almost half the cost.

“About a year and a half ago, I became very inspired to start looking at more affordable options. Surrogacy in the U.S. can cost anywhere from about $140,000-$190,000 on average if you’re using a donor and a surrogate," she told us  in 2015.

"I was seeing my clients mortgaging their house, liquidating retirement accounts and things like that to afford these services. Also finding that it really wasn't accessible for most gay couples because a gay couple would like to start having children when their heterosexual counterparts are having children; ideally in their late 20s early to mid-30s, and there’s not very many people that can afford that at that stage of their lives.”

Now, having just had a baby herself, Lilly continues to make surrogacy not only affordable to LGBT couples and others, she is still just as committed to her business and clients as ever before.

SDGLN wanted an update about her business and where it is today, caring for her business and newborn takes up most of her day so she directed us to one of her doctors who oversees the surrogacy process in Mexico.

"The cost is $76,000 for donor/surrogate with U.S. delivery in San Diego. The cost is fixed for three embryo transfers assuming they use a Mexico based donor," Lilly said. "Access to U.S. based donors for additional cost. Also available is a full Mexico program for a cost of $59,000 all-inclusive and fixed. IPs will get a pre-birth order like they would for a full U.S. program and San Diego residents will have the benefit of meeting their surrogate, going to appointments and having their babies delivered locally."

Dr. José Gaytán Melicoff who works with Frost, specializes in Human reproduction and is a professor on the subject at The School of Medicine at the University of Anahuac. 

We talked to him about Expecting Surrogacy and how it helps couples realize the dream of having a baby.

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News: What makes Expecting Surrogacy different from the rest? 

Dr. Melicoff: Different things:

1.-Experience, Lilly has dealt with surrogacy for a number of years and I was involved myself in surrogacy from the beginning in Mexico. 

2.-Quality; we pride ourselves to give personal attention to our patients in one of the most beautiful surroundings in the world for embryo creation and we assure expeditious and effective legal work since the births take place in California; a state that has a surrogacy law in place since 2000.

3.-Price; it is basically half the price of what the other surrogacy agencies charge. 

What can people expect when using the service? 

Dr. Melicoff: Besides what is pinpointed below …. warmth and interest from our staff to achieve success. 

What is the process?

Dr. Melicoff: Once all the legals have been settled. 

Patients come to Cancún (not bad huh?) to leave a semen sample when possible or desired. Or they can ship semen to the clinic. We recommend them to come in to know the clinic so they are aware of the place and the professionalism of the staff. This helps avoid the “afraid of the unknown” factor. 

Then the intended parent (IP) chooses a donor (local or external) We take charge of the ovarian stimulation and embryo creation keeping the Intended parents in the loop throughout the procedure, and store their embryos for their future usage. 

Our Physician in California prepares the SM (surrogate mother) for the embryo reception in coordination with our Cycle Coordination Department. 

The surrogate mother flies in for the embryo transfer 

Once pregnant they stay home until they have a viable pregnancy (aprox. 26 weeks) and stay the last 3 months in San Diego under the Surrogacy Law of California. 

Finally they give birth by a US OB at Sharp in San Diego. 

What about cost? 

Dr. Melicoff: Half or less than the normal US surrogacy program. 

I have heard that people can get caught up in red tape when using a  surrogate - especially same-sex couples - is that still a concern? 

Dr. Melicoff: Not under this program since the Surrogacy law is very clear in California and we ensure that the process is smooth. 

Where do the surrogates live? 

Dr. Melicoff: Usually in Mexico, different states but mainly near the border. 

What is the future of surrogacy? 

Dr. Melicoff: It has to be “normalized” as another treatment. With good surrogacy laws the price would go down and demand would go up. But is has to be done in an orderly fashion.

Recently, Expecting Surrogacy was able to grant a French couple their wish to have children and announced the birth of twins. The infants and surrogate are all healthy and doing well. 

If you would like more information on "Expecting Surrogacy click HERE.

Expecting Surrogacy is located at 16870 West Bernardo Drive Suite 405 San Diego, California or you can reach them by calling (858) 386-0505.