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Take a hike: It's good for you!

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Grant Foreman

Beyond just thinking about bathing suits (because frankly most people in SD aren’t even in one that often for this to be a major concern…I’m not in this category and prefer au-natural if possible!) try setting a different type of summer goal.

We all work better with deadlines.

For me, I just landed a permit to hike Half Dome in Yosemite with my best straight buddy and my boyfriend.

This is happening in June so it’s close enough that I can start to prep for it now.

Having a 13 mile hike that gains 5,000 feet is a pretty huge motivating factor for me to start some local big hikes and lots of stair-climber at the gym.

If it wasn’t for this looming adventure I can guarantee I wouldn’t be spending anywhere near this much extra time on a stair-climber.

My body is a total ectomorph (skinny by default), though it may not appear as such, and extra cardio means I get lean real quick and my hard earned gains have to be watched closely.

Do you know what your body type is by the way? It can really be a help with training specifically for your particular constitution: email me at writegf@gmail.com and I’ll help you figure out what it is and even how to train for it.

I get that hiking for twelve hours isn’t everybody’s idea of a summer vacation, so you do you.

What’s a goal you can set for yourself within the next three months?

Anything sooner and you won’t have time to progress steadily instead of a crash course or diet, and any further won’t have the same impetus behind it. It could be hiking Three Sisters Waterfall finally , running/walking the Coronado Bridge Run and grabbing some amazing selfies at the top, or just making baby steps with a few of these Balboa Park trails before picking one of the bigger ones from the list .

Set your goals now, get someone else in on the plan if you can, and make it a priority by slowly building up the stamina, or controlling the diet, to make it a reality.

You can do it!