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Gay hockey fans tie knot in professional ice rink

Dwayne Smoot, left, and Eric Pinder get hitched on ice. .
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The ice rink seems like a cold place to begin a life together, but Eric Pinder and Dwayne Smoot heated up the Amway Center in Orlando with their wedding vows.

Both men wore hockey jerseys and the priest made a perfect referee as the two maybe became the first same-sex couple to perform a marriage ceremony in a professional hockey arena

Outsports reports that the two fans actually had the ceremony in November, but the video (see below) of that event was only recently made available this past weekend.

Their nuptials included the priest asking them if they, “promise to love and cherish [each other] through power plays and penalty kills, until the final horn of life sounds.” 

Outsports spoke to Pinder about the details in the planning:

“When we were looking to get married, we thought that doing it before a game would be a great choice — we could get people to go see our local team, the Orlando Solar Bears.

"I called our ticket rep and asked if we could get married before a game. He said, ‘Hold on,’ then three minutes later got back on the phone and said, ‘Sure, we can do that for you.’

“We had 30 people in a suite after and around 50 who bought tickets and sat in the section next to us. The Amway Arena was great.

"They let people rotate in and out of the suite so everyone could see our Zamboni cake. The priest is a friend of ours (also gay) who was thrilled to officiate.

“We also had hockey themed gift bags — a puck with our wedding logo, unopened packs of trading cards from the 1990s and M&Ms with our team colors. We are both wearing Solar Bears jerseys, but Dwayne had a game-worn one from ‘Star Wars’ night.”

The two men met 16 years ago and made some adjustments to their personal team favorites which now include the Tampa Bay Lightnings.

The hitch, as they say, went off without a “hitch” and the ceremony was peaceful with no goons to interfere with their special day.

They want to thank Solar Bears Justin Derazza and Mark Nolte for their participation in the wedding.