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Trump 'Budget Blueprint' won't cut HIV/AIDS medical funding

Ryan White programs remain intact in Trump's budget proposal.

The Trump administration was making people nervous for HIV/AIDS funding as they waited for his proposed health care budget plan.

The White House released the "America First Budget Blueprint," and many sighed in relief.

Despite the 18-percent cuts into The U.S. Department of Health and Services, the administration says it will keep anti-HIV federal contributions intact.

That also includes making a “priority” funding for providers who offer Ryan White HIV/AIDS assistance.

Ryan White is a safety net for people living with the disease who cannot afford health insurance.

The last budget funneled $2.3 billion into the program, making it the third largest federally funded insurance program behind Medicare and Medicaid.

Further, the budget offering is not making adjustments to PEPFAR, that it says, “provides sufficient resources to maintain current commitments and all current patient levels on HIV/AIDS treatment under the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief [PEPFAR].”

PEPFAR is a global combative effort against HIV/AIDS, providing 11.5 million people with necessary antiviral treatments.

“While this language [in the budget blueprint] isn't that clear about amounts,” said Jennifer Kates, director of global health and HIV policy at the Kaiser Family Foundation, “it implies that current commitments will be maintained.”

The budget blueprint is only a proposal, and may change before it’s finalized in May, but this Republican administration appears to understand the importance of federal funding for HIV/AIDS healthcare and prevention.