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Location, location, location

Grant Foreman gives location equal importance with his clients.
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Cece Canton

In a city of options, deciding on where to get your fitness in can be a little overwhelming. #firstworldproblems

Some of my clients prefer to meet outdoors in a park, others prefer we hit it at a gym and then even add on days at a yoga studio on their own. 

This is the age of the individual, what's works for someone else doesn't have to work for you so find the best fit for YOU. 

Depending on your goals, and your temperament, here some factors to take in to help make your decision. 

#1 What Motivates You?

Personally, I can't even be motivated do sit-ups at home and have to be in a gym setting so I make the trip to be sure my core work pays off. 

Maybe you're shy and would be more comfortable with a one-on-setting like some of my clients have at the park.

Being outdoors is also invigorating for the spirit, so this is a fun option even on your own. 

You may also find though, that the anxiety you feel over a traditional gym environment is mitigated by having a trainer be your mountain sherpa while there. (Every gym has trainers, but not every trainer is worth your money so be selective here.) 

There's also the Boutique route like Core Power yoga or a CrossFit gym. These tend to be a little more pricey but offer specialization and a more intimate vibe. 

Listen to your gut and go with the environment that speaks to you, not just the one that worked for your neighbor.

#2 Dolla-dolls Bills Y'all

All the desire in the world for a personal trainer won't help unless you have the ability to also afford one. In this case try asking a friend to split the cost of joint sessions!

The same goes for boutique settings, and to some extent any gym period if your finances are that budgeted; don't blow the bank on three separate memberships when you can barely afford one.

You're best bet here is to try combining services offered by finding a place that offers all of what you're interested in. 

#3 Location Location....yaddayadda

It's cliche, but location is a huge factor. 

If your yoga studio is a quick 15 min drive on off times, but during the hours you can make it traffic puts you 45min out, than it's only going to make the decision to go to class harder. 

You've got to do everything you can to make it easier to train; because lord knows we are good at coming up with excuses not to!

So these are some of the main considerations to take into account when choosing a way to get your fitness in. 

Try a more high end fitness center like FIT Athletic downtown if you like your boutique classes but also want access to a pool say. They use many of the same instructors as a smaller business but offer you more than just yoga with your membership. 

SDGLN has a cool deal with them too just by dropping our name, so if you decide to go, try it free for a week and also get a discounted rate at signup which is killer.

Things to think about, and if you want more help with a training plan to follow on your own or other ideas email me at writegf@gmail and we can get started!