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Boxer David Allen is hiding something huge

David Allen and David Howe clearly are not the same size.

Boxer David Allen went head to head with David Howe in the ring last weekend, but not before he did the same at the weigh in just a few days prior.

The two men, stripped down to their briefs before stepping on the scales, but Allen appeared to already have an advantage, proving big things do come in small packages.

In a video that has gone viral, the two boxers play nice, but the real intimidation came from Allen who seemed to be smuggling an eggplant beneath his red Calvin Klein’s.

Press could hardly contain their laughter, and opponent Howe also joined in on the fun as he mockingly pretended to grab his opponent’s bulge.

This intimidating tactic may have worked: Allen beat Howe in the ring in the second round.

You can view the comical weigh-in NSFW video below.