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There's great power in being consistent

Holding ourselves accountable is one of the more difficult things that can be asked of us. 
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Grant Foreman

"A consistent formula gives consistent results."   -Abraham Hicks. Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires. 

This really struck a cord with me today when thinking about some of my training client's progress. 

Ayn Rand follows an even harder line here with:

"Contradictions do not exist. Wherever you think you're facing a contradiction, check your premises."

Though most of my clients follow our plan of movement and eating habits to great success, others put in good effort for a week or two, fall off for a week, then are back at it in this cycle repeatedly. 

It's so easy to not only look for the "magic pill" that will make the weight come off, but to also look for the evidence that proves you are an outlier, "Sure this works for other people, but I'm different." 

You may be a weirdo (of which I'm not only a member of the odd-ball club but the president) but odds are you aren't a genetic anomaly with special rules. 

You need to find a plan that consists of clean eating.

This means eating quality foods while taking in less than you burn in a day to loose weight, or more than you use daily in order to gain muscle. 

Employ big, functional movement patterns that recruit lots of muscle to have the biggest effect. 


This is where the consistency comes in and this part is critical. 

Say we get hired on to a great company: show up for work for five days, maybe three the next week, five the next, and then two, and be surprised when we get fired for not performing like expected. 

Holding ourselves accountable is one of the more difficult things that can be asked of us. 

If this were alcohol and we were asking an alcoholic to keep it in their home but not partake, let alone drink a little bit not too much, that would be insane. 

Your eating habits at home should be approached similarly. 

Don't keep snack-y foods that are crappy for you around, end of story. 

Candy belongs as a treat at the movies, not a drawer in our kitchen. 

Ice cream is something bought in small amounts for a special meal at home, not a trough to live in our freezer and torture us every time the door opens. 

Be strict now, and the results will come so much sooner. Which means you can incorporate the fun stuff in a more moderate way sooner! 

Adhere too your plan and ask for help from friends, boyfriends, even personal trainers to keep you on track or provide input on what you should do. 

Once you pick this plan, give it a good go for at least two months and then decide if you need a new one or should continue on. 

Write me at writegf@gmail.com if you need help choosing a plan or want to meet in person. 

Try signing up for a new gym or for classes you know you'll like to get the ball rolling.

(Side note: FIT Athletic downtown has special rates for SDGLN readers, just let them know you heard it here and get a free week too!) 

You're worth the effort, be vigilant and the results will come.