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Carlsbad High displays "KKK" signage at home game

High School officials say the racist signage was not intended to represent a racist message.
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A San Diego High School ruffled some feathers when students attending a basketball game held up signs which appeared to make reference to the Klu Klux Klan.

Carlsbad High School was hosting Sage Creek High School this past weekend, when three students held up the letters “KKK” during the on-court competition.

This alarmed parents who immediately wanted to know if the student’s meant to reference the white supremacy organization.  

In a Fox 5 news report they say both sides began to square off in a cheering completion in the third quarter, but once administrators saw the signage they immediately stepped in.

Carlsbad High School has been under scrutiny since the incident and say it was just a misunderstanding and taken out of context.

 “If the kids don’t exactly know what it means then they should be staying in class maybe a little more learning what it means,” Teri Cagle, whose granddaughter was at the game, told Fox 5.  "She was pretty shocked. She knew what it meant."

Taking quick action and removing the placards from the bleachers, the Carlsbad High School principal had this to say about the situation via an email to parents. 

“…during the game a few students held up handmade signs symbolizing a “K”. The K was short for “OK,” and is generally used by students in text messages. The signs were created by students as a response to the opposing team’s chants, and were not intended to be held up next to each other, or to represent a message other than “OK.”

The school has promised to take a closer look at the situation, but have not given any word on the fate of the students in question.

You can see a full video report by clicking HERE.