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Fitness works if you just stick to your best 'thing'

SDGLN's own Grant Foreman talks fitness and diet.
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Grant Foreman

Taking breaks and enjoying the holidays is part of life and should be celebrated.

If you know what's good for you you'll start working now to keep those extra lb's from sticking around!

Time is of the essence here. 

January is busy for us personal trainers usually, and these past couple weeks have lived up to that.

It's  exciting for me to see new faces in the gym. To get to respond to emails from those finally ready to get some help instead of going at it alone. 

But it can seem daunting with so many conflicting reports on what to do, how to do it, and finally how to eat around that.  

In a recent article the New York Times showcased a study that looks into why certain training styles work like magic for some yet has no effect on others. 

You'll find many trainers or friends that preach only certain types of training and say the other ways are ineffective. Yet others swear by those very things that are supposed not work.

Maybe long slow cardio might be your ultimate fat burner, while conversely your boyfriend may be seeing huge results from high-intensity intervals like Tabata. 

What's happening is our genetics is making us respond to one more than the other. So both of you are right that your way is best; but just for you. 

Here's the catch. 

I find that most people prefer to come up with arguments against a thing's effectiveness, without actually completing a program fully to find out if that applies to them. 

Pick a thing, say calorie restriction, and try it out for four weeks to see if your body responds favorably. 

If there's no great improvement you get to move on with confidence. Next, you can try a low carb / high protein diet and go from there (or my favorite which is a combo calorie restriction and low carb/high protein!) 

Point being you need to commit to a plan, be it training or diet, know where you started by taking pics and measurements, and follow it through. 

After really adhering to one, you can confidently evaluate its fit for you. Really give a plan a try before scrapping it and find excuses why it doesn't work for you. 

Try four different Tabata intervals for 4 days every week, for 4 weeks. Get creative , google some Tabata workouts others have done, and get moving. 

If after that month you're not seeing progress, switch to 4 days of 40 minute jogs and complete 4 weeks. 

It's that simple. 

For more ideas write me at writegf@gmail.com and we can craft some specific plans just for you. 

Start moving, stick with it, and make a habit out of fitness.