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Grant's post-holiday fitness advice

San Diego's fitness guru has some advice for your post-holiday resolutions.
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Grant Foreman

Well, did you make it through the endless chances for holiday fun alive? 

I know I've been anxious to get my training clients back to regular schedules and my own liver back to normal too.  

It can be a challenge to break free from the new normal we've set of sweet snacks and frequent drinking. 

But there is a way! 

Our goal is to get back to a state of moderation (or maybe establish one for the first time!) 

I hear many people starting a "Sober-January" to reset things which is a great idea. 


Going from daily wine, desert after every dinner, and cookies kept on the counter might be too daunting for many of us; and the effort is abandoned all together. 

So let's set different parameters and have a sober week. 

This short term goal is more achievable when you can count in days, rather than weeks, when it will be done. 

After this week of clean eating and no alcohol, give yourself the reward of a play night. 

Then, we can go back to a sober week with clean eating again. This time adding in a commitment to a new activity as well. 

-Sign up for a week of yoga. 

-Get a friend do 3 tandem sessions with a personal trainer. 

-Find a meet up group (www.meetup.com)  that is doing something fun like sailing or hiking (one with no alcohol involved). 

-Try an online training program and get moving in a real direction. 

After this second week give yourself two days of more loose regulation. This can now be your new norm. 

There are ways of being moderate even in abstinence; do what gets you to succeed and don't be hard on yourself. 

When you fall off, take the time to examine why you set the goals to begin with. Bring up the feelings of what it will be like to achieve those goals and get back on track. 

If you want help with an online training program or diet let me know, writegf@gmail.com, even check out Instagram (@grantforemanfitness) for tons of trainers ready to help you not have to do this alone.