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3 things you're NOT doing to keep fit

These 3 things will help you keep fit and shed some pounds.
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Grant Foreman

Sometimes it’s the little things that can really make all the difference.

Maybe it’s an organic juice you bought thinking it was healthy, and then you looked and it has more sugar than a can of coke. (But it’s “the good kind” you say… Let’s not push it.)

Or your coworker brought in donuts; YAY!

But alas, they grabbed them from 7-11 instead of Donut Bar downtown and the diabetic coma you’re entering wasn’t even worth the gut-ache and regret.

Well fitness is no different.

Here are the three things you’re not doing which really will be a game changer:

Sucking in the gut

Have you seen old pictures of Arnold Swarzenneger? Bodybuilders never used to have this big pushed out belly, today their torsos are muscled but also distended.

Part of the reason is they used to work out their internal abdominals as well as the external. Crunches give you a six pack but they don’t draw the waist and support the spine as well as the internal abdominal muscles do.

To perform, draw the navel in towards the spine while at the same time flexing your groin like you’re trying to stop peeing mid-stream.

Do this while you’re also doing your crunches, side bends, and plank exercises. In a few weeks you’re really going to notice a new shape taking hold.

Buy a refillable water jug

You hear all the time how much more water we should be drinking. And we should.

But remembering to consistently drink it comes and goes.

Buying a half gallon jug that you take everywhere, and become attached to, will finally seal the deal.

By making it your little comfort item that you habitually bring, you will be ensuring to get all the benefits of proper hydration like better fat metabolism, nutrient portioning/absorption, mood enhancement, and skin clarity.

Try changing it up daily even by loading the jug with basil leaves, or cucumber slices, before leaving the house in the morning.

Kick the microwave

Actually cooking at least four of the seven dinners you’ll eat in a week will make you aware of the ingredients you’re consuming, not to mention what you aren’t consuming by way of added preservatives, salt, and sweeteners.

To reheat your food, use the stove.

A little water and a lid do a great job while keeping nutrients more intact.

We’ve all burnt food in a microwave and also on the stove.

Things overdone in the microwave turn into something unholy and inedible. Imagine what it’s doing to the cells of the food that’s supposed to be fueling our bodies.

Slow down and be conscious of what you’re ingesting, your body will respond well.

Hit me up if you have health-hacks of your own you want to share or need more specific fitness help: writegf@gmail.com.