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Eat, drink and be mindful this holiday season

Grant Foreman
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Grant Foreman

Happy belated Thanksgiving my fitness-fans.

We have so much to be grateful for and to appreciate; one of my favorites being FOOD! 

This is your trainer telling you to belly up and enjoy the season.

That means stuffing, pie, all the goodies. 

A special day should be treated as such. Enjoyment of these events adds so much to our mental well-being and you can accommodate the extra calories elsewhere. 

Special days are great in that you know they're coming and thus can plan for them. 

Work Christmas Party coming on Friday? Then the rest of your week needs to kept cleaner than normal. 

If you think about a weekly calorie count instead of daily, you can pull out carbs and fats for the days around your planned event. 

Make dinners only meat veggies, lunches lean proteins with a good complex carb like sweet potatoes and don't drink any calories. 

I'm speaking generally but if you want to get real you'll track your calories using an app like MyFitnessPal so that your estimates aren't too generous and you're sure to be in a calorie deficit going into the party day. 

The very act of tracking what you're eating tends to help most of us make better choices and stay on track. 

Take it a step further and add an extra day of training, or a couple long walks on top of restricting calories, and you'll be even safer. Use those extra calories for a big workout the day after, better yet morning of, and feed those muscles. 

Nutrient partitioning is how your body allocates the fuel you've taken in. Training, along with hormones like testosterone, help send energy into muscle repair and away from storage as fat. 

The point is to account for your splurges and live life! 

Fitness is not a punishment, just live mindfully.

Need help figuring out how many calories your weeks should contain?

Hit me up at writegf@gmail and we get it worked out.