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A 'fast' reset button for the holidays

Grant Foreman
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Grant Foreman

This is the season for excess with all the fun get-togethers and meal plans. 

Lots of sugar, lots booze, but also, lots of strategies you can use to recover from these holiday pitfalls. 

Cleansing is a way to strip away some of what you've built up.

It's like hitting the reset button.

Some advocate complete fasting with nothing but water.

Other approaches still limit what you put in while also focusing on adding the micronutrients that have been left out of our daily eating. 

With an appetite like mine this last option is what I went for at Project Juice in Hillcrest's HUB shopping center. 

I tried the "Clean Kit".

It comes with three juices, two wellness shots, two meals and a snack. It's all packed up in an insulated bag; your day is set. 

This isn't a total elimination cleanse where you only drink water and lemon for example, but a nutrient-dense day of cleansing so it's actually possible to succeed without feeling like you're starving. 

A cleanse with some food is right up my alley.

But the two meals are plant based and organic so it still gives the digestive system a little break. 

There are sample menu layouts to pick from. Or you can come in with your goals like weight loss or detox, and they can build a day around that. 

For me, it's a concern with the daily antibiotic I sometimes take, the stress I put on my liver over the weekend, and recovery from training. 

Their Greenbiotic contains plant based probiotics to restore what the antibiotics kill off; the Turemric Tonic and Liver Flush to combat the weekend, and Swizz Beets to aid in circulation to flush muscles in a recovery aid. 

For food I got the Macrobiotic Grain Bowl; super filling with amazing flavors.

With even the rice being a sprouted probiotic and the addition of pickeled kimchi, I knew my belly was being taken care of in relation to the antibiotics.

Second meal is the Falafel wrap which again is so hearty I wasn't missing the protein. 

Every ingredient has a purpose and is alive.

You can feel the energy that's being added to your system. It's amazing the difference this makes. 

You can't buy separately these high quality ingredients or this level of variety at these kind of prices.

My flavorful salad alone had almost 15 ingredients that served a purpose.

A day of fasting also has the benefit of lowering your total weekly calorie count, helping to offset some glutinous choices made at that dinner party or long happy hour! 

There's lots of options for keeping with the fun while not sacrificing your health. 

If you need more of these ideas hit me up at writegf@gmail and we can get you started. 

Happy cleansing!