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3 Easy ways to jump-start your Fall calorie burn

Grant Foreman says even brushing your teeth can help keep you toned up.

My good friend just had a Fitbit sent to him by his mom.

He's not a guy I'd imagine being excited about step counting (I'm not) but he's linked into to a whole group of people that are competing to see who gets the most steps, including his mom. 

He has added in walks around the block before bed, parked the car far from work, and had something constructive and new to talk with his mom about.

All great things! 

This is how we move beyond the typical "workout" and find ways to squeeze extra activity in our regular day.

Dieting alone may help trigger fat loss, but those that incorporate additional movement will trim at a greater rate and build muscle tone. 

There's a difference between the look of "lean" and that of "skinny".  Being lean has a health component to it where as skinny is just small. 

#1 So, our first tip on how to slip in extra movement is to get into a Fitbit and join a group. Getting outside and walking has benefits that outreach just increased calorie burn and will help center your mind as well. 

#2 The second jumpstart tip is to add movement into activities you're currently doing stationary; like brushing your teeth!

While brushing tomorrow morning, put your rear foot on the edge of your bathtub while the front foot faces away so that you are in a lunge.

As you brush, squat down and up with your weight mostly in the front foot; this will build your butt and clean your chompers!

If this lunge (actually a "Bulgarian Split Squat") is too tough try basic squats down and up or even calf raises to start. 

#3 The last tip on how we're going get you moving more is changing our weekend activities from one where we just have drinks say, to one where we have drinks AND get active with friends. 

We live 15 min. at most (unless you're way East County in which case we have other issues to address first! Ha!) from the beach. Grab your boo and head to any beach, I like Pacific for the people watching and bar choices. 

Sunday was already going to be a funday with friends but now you've made some room for that playtime. 

Start your excursion with a timer set to 45 minutes and work the beach. This can be as hard or simple as you need but try and push yourself. Boozing will be your reward but get the sweat in first. 

Don't over think it and just run, lunge, jump and walk for the 45 minutes. Once you've been able to do these things for a month or so, you can look into more structured ways to increase intensity. 

Forming the habit of an active lifestyle takes practice. Keep at it and things will only get better!

Need more specific help? Reach to me at writegf@gmail and we can come up with some specific plans just for you. 

Get out there and move!