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CEO Mike Dee 'parts ways' with the Padres

Padres CEO Mike Dee makes a "departure" from the Padres.
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Fox News

In a surprising shift in San Diego sports management, it was announced on Wednesday that Padres CEO Mike Dee has “departed” from the baseball franchise.

The San Diego Union Tribune reports that there was no reason given in regards to Dee’s departure, only to say they are not treating it as a firing, but a parting of ways.

However, sports officials are questioning why he would voluntarily step away from a position he has held for three years.

Dee oversaw The Padres’ business and operations departments.

Padres managing partner Peter Seidler told the Union Tribune, “My goal and our organization’s objective is to have stability and long-term tenure in our front office, but sometimes these changes are inevitable.

“Mike is no longer with the Padres, but I know our organization is strong and on the right path.

“(Padres executive chairman Ron Fowler) and I set forth the vision for the ballclub and lead the strategic planning, in collaboration with our senior executives. We have a skilled group of professionals in the front office who will take on extra responsibility as we look to fill this position.”

Fowler also gave a brief statement to the publication saying that the search to fill Dee’s position will begin immediately.

“In the meantime,” said Fowler, “we will work closely with our talented and trusted senior executives to lead the organization forward.

“We will continue to work hard to build a winning ballclub and to provide our fans an exceptional experience at Petco Park. I remain optimistic about the future as we develop a core group of home-grown players who play an energetic, aggressive style of baseball.”

With no further comment provided by the team, some critics are speculating that his departure stems from strained internal issues. 

Padres' vice president of strategy and innovation, Ryan Gustafson, was let go on Wednesday. 

The recent 30-day suspension of Padres’ General Manager A.J. Preller is not considered to be a factor in Dee’s stepping down.