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Hillcrest's 'Project Juice' has fitness expert Grant Foreman excited

Health and fitness expert Grant Foreman

So, I found my new go-to spot for when I’m hungover and just generally in need of LIFE!

No joke, Project Juice in Hillcrest’s, HUB not only has all the real, organic juices I’ve been looking for but also the additives I’ve had to go to health food stores to get.

As you can imagine, being a personal trainer I focus A LOT on what I put into my body and having a CrossFit background intensifies this into a minor obsession.

The processing of food starts its degradation.

So the more it’s worked, the longer it’s cut from its source; the less benefit it has for our system.

Coldpressed juices get us to the good stuff without damaging the product.

Our bodies are miracles of design to be sure.

They can make do with just the basic building blocks like fats and proteins… but who wants to be basic?!

The more micro-nutrients, enzymes, and living fuel we can provide ourselves the better this amazing machine can carry us through our adventures.

This is Project Juice’s first San Diego store.

They started in 2012 as “Ritual Juice”, an online cleanse company (order the “cleanse” and multiple juices are delivered to be taken in a certain order with either no food or minimal light fare).

They partnered up with Project Juice and have a bunch of spots in San Francisco and few in Orange County.

The whole thing is USDA certified organic, which is crazy important for juicing because this stuff goes directly into your bloodstream essentially (which you’ll quickly learn by the buzz you get after taking your juices wow!) And sourced farm direct here in California (I have a food boner can you tell?!)

If you want to get me in a good mood feed me and tell me I’m pretty.

Project Juice got my foodie blood pumpin' for sure.

I came in with the start of a cold after having an inanely good Matinee weekend.

There is a whole kit called “Weekend Recovery” and I swear it needs to be in all our arsenals.

There’s honestly too much good stuff to do justice here; like one of the juices in this cleanse called “Black Magic” has activated coconut charcoal that pulls toxins from the body.

There are smaller “shots” for four bucks, one of which is the “Flu Shot” who’s basic recipe has been around hippie circles forever and I recognized the goodness right away!

I’ve always known it as “fire water” and it’s so expensive to buy in big gallon sizes but this is just enough to get you through a cold. Its cayenne, ginger, and Echinacea burn out the bugs in a flush you can feel.

The product really is experiential; you taste and feel the difference.

This is no Jamba Juice that’s for sure.

There’s lunch and breakfast here with a menu designed with help from Lainey who has been creating meals for clients and yoga retreats for years.

Try the avocado toast it’s so damn good I almost don’t want to mention the bread is gluten free because everyone will love it and no one would know.

My fear was that having the juices be cold pressed and bottled elsewhere would make this too corporate and take a notch out of the “goodness” they’re selling.

This added step really doesn’t feel as though it’s taken away anything but has been a contribution, like in the nutrition labels that come on everything including smoothies which is so hard to find.

Pricing is great especially considering what you’re getting (not to mention what you’re NOT getting in the way of junk).

There are 5-7 pounds of produce in one of the green smoothies; try buying and consuming that much for eight bucks!

Juices: $7 to $9

Bottled Shakes: $9 to $10

Shots: $4

Avacodo Toasts: $4.95

Cleanse Kit: $51 (note that this in place of all the food you’d eat during the day so it’s a lateral move)

If you want to know more about macro and micro nutrients, and how you can use them to get to your health goals hit me at writegf@gmail.com and we can make you plan of your own!

Check out our new friends in the HUB, Project Juice, you’ll love it.

Project Juice is located at The Hub - Hillcrest Market, 1080 University Avenue, Suite H 107, San Diego, CA 92103 


Sidebar photo courtesy of sandiegofood.net