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Choose it or lose it; The excess of modern grocery shopping

Our fitness expert Grant Foreman talks about your eyes being bigger than your stomach.
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Grant Foreman

Last week we talked about simple changes that can be made to your typical daily choices.

These simple alternates can drop an easy 500 calories off your daily intake which will help in the waist line.

Next week will be a review of a new spot in Hillcrest that opened, offering you more of these healthy-alternates.

With all of these talks about "this-or-that" when ordering out or pulling from the fridge, it got me thinking about what the core of these issues is.

Looking across the gym floor at a sea of cardio equipment being pummelled at 5 pm, I am blown away at all the gears and moving parts of people and machines.

The power behind all of this is the human body!

We are hooked up to machines to burn off excess.

That's not "genetic trait" that provides the energy needed to turn out hamster wheels but more calories taken in that we needed to survive.

Follow the excess down the supply chain.

We chose to buy more than we needed and chose to eat it all.

Instead of shopping for what we could consume reasonably we over-buy and then discard the excess.

This costs us money that didn't need to be spent as well as calories we didn't need to consume.

This is all meant as a reminder.

Seek out the excess in your life.

Evaluate if the having of it enriches you in a way, or affects you negatively down the line.

Have enough self respect to make the changes necessary.

If you need help finding the areas that need editing reach out to me at writegf@gmail.com or even sit with a friend and talk it out.

Just hearing things out loud can be eye opening.