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San Diego's Foreman of fitness won't let bad excuses keep you from reaching goals

SDGLN's fitness expert Grant Foreman
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Grant Foreman

We all have needs. 

Some of us need a holding hand, a person that nods their head in agreement, "You're right, the world is unfair and you should keep your head down to dodge any bullets."

Others of us need a hand that pushes; one that pulls us up and then points the way through, not around. 

Can you tell what kind of trainer I might be?

I value the help that gets me out of the hole, not makes me feel ok about being stuck. 

So often I'm told that either exercise or a certain way of eating doesn't work for this person.

In return, they're looking for me to say that there's something special about their body and agree that the outlook looks grim. 

Outliers do exist! Odds are you aren't one of them. 

The reason why the weight won't move is likely that you've yet to get serious about the factors that contribute to what you're experiencing. 

I'm going to outline how you do this below. 

But if you just want me to do it for you email me at writegf@gmail.com and skip the rest. 

Set all the variables, follow a course of action for a measurable period of time, and reevaluate your equation. 

What does that actually look like? 

-Use any number of methods to set your daily calorie requirements, I like the Katch McArdle method. 

-Adjust for either weight gain or weight loss by raising or lowering calories. There is a macro element option here but too much for one article. 

-Pick a workout plan designed by someone who specializes in what you're trying to do by finding a trainer online or in person. 

-Stick to this activity plan! 

-After three weeks of consistency to these elements check your progress against weight/size measurements as well as before/after pictures. 

Now you've taken out the guess work and given yourself numbers that can be manipulated! 

Saying that you "eat pretty healthy" is a Pandora's Box I don't care to get into. 

Telling me you've eaten at a calorie deficit for three weeks strait, five out of seven days walked 1hr, and don't see results is something I can work with. 

Take the emotion out and look at numbers. 

It'll only work with real ones though, rough guessing it sometimes just isn't enough and that's where you've been finding your frustration.