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Michael Sam gets into a verbal spar outside West Hollywood bar

Michael Sam gets into a verbal spar outside West Hollywood nightclub.
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Former football star Michael Sam went out on the town in West Hollywood on Tuesday night, but his night ended with a heated verbal altercation with another man in the streets after leaving a club.

TMZ reports that the exchange happened outside of Bootsy Bellows as Sam and a man in a white shirt began to yell at each other for reasons that are still unclear.

"People like f***ing you give our community a bad f***ing name," Sam yells, than calls the man a, "trifling ass bitch."

The man in the white shirt approaches Sam as he is about to get into his vehicle to which the massive football player says, “Touch me, I will find that you tried to attack me and I will lay your ass on the ground."

Sam came out as gay three years ago, but it was the video of him kissing his boyfriend after finding out he had been drafted by the Rams that caused some controversy.

Sam also was one of the celebrity contestants on “Dancing With the Stars,” in 2015.

You can see TMZ video (NSFW - language) of the confrontation HERE

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