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Dr. Darren Farnesi is in harmony with your health and wellness

Dr. Darren Farnesi of Medical Age Management
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For those of you who want to regain yo​ur youthful appearance or just maintain the one you already have, there are many procedures and services that can help if you so desire.

Medical Age Management in Hillcrest offers plenty of options to take you through the process of turning back the hands of time in a clean and relaxing environment provided by the best in the field.

The Medical Director at Medical Age Management, Dr. Darren Farnesi, helps his patients on the journey to becoming healthier and more youthful, both from the inside and out.

“I think one of the most fascinating things for me as a doctor now, is that the kind of patients that come to see me are already interested in their health.  

"So If I make a suggestion tothem about what they should be eating, or how they should be exercising,” Farnesi says, “they are very open to it and will almost always try what I suggest. My patients want to be well and are willing to participate in the process which I find tremendously rewarding.”

His inquisitive nature as a health care professional doesn’t end with his patient’s diets. 

Farnesi says that he delves further into their lives by wanting to know among other things, how they are sleeping, how their gut is functioning, and how they handle toxins and environmental exposures.

He says after this extensive research his patients have a newfound respect for his way of doing things, “The advantage that I have, is that they seek me out now as someone who’s going to help them transform their lives from a functional standpoint.”

Under his care and that of his staff, Dr. Farnesi wants to first provide his clients with an initial full-scale examination that includes a complete medical history, dietary history, lifestyle habits, targeted symptom surveys, and specialized cutting-edge laboratory testing.

“I don’t think you can do any of this successfully without pulling all of those parts together,” he says. “I like the term ‘a symphony,’ I really resonate with that.”

Dr. Farnesi explains that he used to play the violin and if just one instrument was out of sync with the rest of the group, the whole musical piece sounded terrible.

That philosophy is something that he brings into his practice - the idea that balance and cooperation amongst all the systems of the body is what makes the symphony.

“Pulling all of that together is the art of what we do, backed up by science of course.”

He explains that as people age their hormonal “symphony” begins to crumble and to repair that he recommends optimizing and balancing all the hormones together.  

And the way to do that is through bio-identical hormones, not man-made molecules. Whenever possible, natural medicine comes first says Dr. Farnesi.

“That’s typically what we do: we start with hormones and we balance and optimize those, we use blood testing mainly. Saliva testing for adrenal hormones is probably the gold standard. We do some urine testing as well."

A more extensive investigation is made through nutritional testing and “gut health testing” which he says is important in understanding how the body is functioning and which bacteria are working for us or against us.

“Because bacteria are so much smaller than human cells, we actually have more DNA in the bacteria in our gut than we do in whole remainder of our body.  

"There’s more cells of bacteria in our gut that there are human cells in our body and that’s pretty amazing!  

"The important influence of this bacterial ‘organ system’ on our health is becoming more and more apparent."

Medical Age Management also provides clients with plenty of other services to help serve in the process of overall health and cosmetic enhancement.

From Botox treatments and dermal fillers to laser treatments and chemical peels, the spectrum of modern techniques are utilized and backed by extensive training and experience. 

“The things I mainly do are the non-invasive or low-invasive type procedures: fillers, Botox, lasers and light-based therapies for aging, wrinkles, age related sun damage and fat volume loss,” he says, “skin tightening and skin rejuvenation and prevention, of course.”

Some people want to “dive right in” to the cosmetic procedures while others might like a more “natural" approach to maintaining beauty and vitality.  

The skilled providers at Medical Age Management can certainly accommodate those who want to explore any or all of these options.

Dr. Brandi McGill is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor who adds to the team of professionals at the Medical Age Management office.

She takes to heart the saying, “no two people are alike” by treating each of her clients as unique individuals with specific needs.  

She utilizes natural therapies and homeopathic remedies whenever possible.  

Giving in to your curiosity about aging and ways to reverse, (or appear to have reversed) the hands of time is something Medical Age Management wants to help you with.

As Dr. Farnesi mentioned before, health and beauty should be treated like a symphony; each musician in the orchestra plays an individual instrument, much like the biological composition of your body. 

But it takes an experienced conductor to coordinate all of the pieces. And when you find the right conductor, wellness, beauty and harmony can be revealed.

Medical Age Management is located at 3911 Normal St San Diego, CA 92103 (619) 795-6700