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This easy workout can be done in the office

Grant Foreman, fitness and health expert for SDGLN
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Grant Foreman

Last night ended up being way more fun than you imagined.

After making dinner you binge watched Grace and Frankie on Netflix and stayed up until midnight.

This means you slept in this morning which pushed back your in-time at work, and now there is just zero time to leave early for the gym or even leave the office for a run at lunch.

Life happens.

And it's not always the big birthday party blowout that screw us up, but the mundane and routine that somehow got away from us. 

No big deal!

Be lighthearted about your fitness and don't create a negative relation to the activities that aid in health.

Here is a simple workout that can be done at work (assuming you have some office space or a place to look kinda weird in private). We will be pushing the heartate in spurts and hitting most of the major muscle groups.

Don't sweat through your shirt; take breaks when needed.

This isn't the day to break new land-speed records. We are just trying to recover from a day that got away. 


5 Rounds:

-5 Pushups, 5 Sittups, 5 Squats, 5 Jumping Jacks

8 min. of repeated rounds:

-5 Burpees 

-10 Plank Hip Drop Twists 

-15 Superman Pulses 

After you've rested enough to feel your heart rate fall complete these next two segments which are both timed as well.

I love Tabata intervals as they have an effect on your metabolism for two days following the work whcih is amazing. 

Tabata 1:

(Tabata = 4 min. total work divided into 20 seconds of max effort followed by 10 secs of full rest. This is cycled 8 times which comes out to be 4 minutes.)

Double Crunch 


Tabata 2:

Lunge in place

This is all 16 minutes of work outside of your warmup time.

You're guaranteed to feel accomplished after pushing yourself to work when usually you would have just scrapped the day after an unusual start.

You have to stay moving and do whatever it takes to find the space to accomplish this. Maintaining the routine of activity is critical to long term success.

Don't feel silly doing something that's good for you. Your co-workers will only have respect I promise!

If this isn't enough and you want your own plan let me know at writegf@gmail.com and we'll get moving together.