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Show off your arms this summer

Grant Foreman, fitness and health expert for SDGLN

If you're even remotely San Diegan at this point, from wherever you jumped ship from, I bet you have a tank-top or twelve that will be busted out soon! 

Personally I almost give up on shirts completely, taking full advantage of any opportunity to wear less clothes. 

This means that our "gun show" game could use some special attention. So I'll give a plan to try out once, even twice, a week for a summer time arm pump. 

If your arms are looking buffed out, girl or guy, it's going to give the impression that the rest of the package matches (even if our hibernation during the May Grey and June Gloom softened the belly a bit).

So here's how to think like a Trainer. You don't have to know the names of all the muscles to make a good workout for yourself. 

You're going to pick three  movements for the biceps and three for the triceps. (Or if you're  totally green even two moves may be enough.)

The goal is to figure out how each one is working the muscle from a different angle. Look at your hand position, also the elbow position in relation the the shoulder. 

Take Triceps for example. Facing away from a pulley machine you can do an Overhead Tricep Extension with Rope. Then facing the machine you can do a Reverse Grip Triceps Press Down with bar. 

Hands have changed position from a hammer angle to and upside down one, and the elbow goes from below shoulder to over it. 

If something at the gym is taken up, or you don't have access to a piece of equipment, just go back and think about this change of angle talk so you can pick a new move. 

Here's your sample arm blast to use as a guide. If you want me to program your entire workout just let me know writegf@gmail.com


4 Sets Each : 8-15 Reps in each set (rest about 45 sec between each)


-Reverse Grip Triceps Press Down with Bar

-Overhead Triceps Extension with Rope

-Triceps Dip from Bench


-Reverse Grip Biceps Curl with Bar

-Biceps Rope Curl

-Standing Dumbbell Biceps Curl

This is one workout, but if you've been training a while and want to do this twice a week, try making one of the day's a "heavy" day. Increase your weight, drop your reps to about 5, and add a set. 

If there's anything you don't know, do a quick Google search for a quick video on how it's done. 

The power is in your hands, go get it!