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Here is the worst thing to do in the gym

Grant Foreman, fitness and health expert for SDGLN

I was asked this past week by a client to design a short 15 minute program they could do every day. There’s probably a bunch of us who would look for the same thing.

The worst thing you could do in the gym is to put all that effort into showing up, and then not get results because you are overtraining muscle groups by hitting them daily and at the same time facilitating accommodation where the body gets used to what’s it does regularly.

Our bodies are smart!

They adapt to what is demanded of them in a fairly quick amount of time. Putting yourself through the same workout day after day only serves to lessen the impact the moves had on it in the beginning and expose yourself to overuse-injuries.

Find a program that splits the body into regions, spread over 3 to 5 days a week. Repeat that same split NEXT week, continuing for about 12 weeks or until you feel it’s become unchallenging.  At which time you can add in volume and more variety.

After that second course of 12 weeks you should be confident with adding more frequent variety to the movements; but not so much that the muscle’s constant confusion doesn’t allow it to have some adaption and grow.

If you do the same movement day after day then you’re also not allowing for recovery. Full recovery depends on a lot of factors like experience level, age, hormone levels, and nutrition.  In the beginning hitting one body part a week is good enough to start to see results. So three days in the gym with a couple of cardio intervals would be awesome.

As time goes on you can find a plan that hits each group twice in a week even. It’s a great way to bring up lagging body parts but something that doesn’t need to be worried about if just getting going.

Start with this as your guide and build intensity over time.

If you need help well I’m only an email away, writegf@gmail.com!