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You can put the best behind you if you really work at it

Grant Foreman shows you how to improve your posterior.

I love a big butt on a guy (on a girl too for that matter!) ...it may even cloud my judgment I can get so locked on. And a few weeks back we talked about how to build that booty. 

But a nice chest also peaks most of our interest. Making shirts pop and tanks, the San Diego staple, more appealing if falling over full pecs. 

As with any lagging body part it can help to increase the volume of training by hitting them twice in a week. 

Let's say that Tuesday and Friday will be your chest days. 

Your first time will be compound movements (think bench press) and your second time will be single joint (think flys). This way we can hit the area twice without just repeating ourselves and try to keep us in the gym no longer than a full hour. 

Find your weight by warming up and building to working weight with one or two sets. 


Compound Chest Day:

4 Sets of 10-15 Reps with a drop set 

-PushUps (4 sets each to just before failure)

-Incline Dumbbell Press

-Barbell Flat Bench 

-Decline Cable Press


Single Joint Chest Day:

4 Sets of 10-15 Reps with a drop set 

-Decline Dumbbell Fly

-Incline Cable Fly (Standing or on Bench)

-Machine Pec Dec Fly

-Dumbbell Pullovers


Both of these can and should be added into another body part as a superset if you're experienced or just additional movements if more novice. 

This could be Biceps on the compound day and say a second version of leg day on your single joint day. 

I'm here to help. Shoot me your questions at writegf@gmail.com to help figure out your training. 

Your body is in your hands and you have the ability to make the changes. Let's get moving!