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Finally a fun workout video featuring drag queens

"Workouts a Drag" is fun and funny.
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First there was Jane Fonda, then there was Richard Simmons now there’s WorkOut’s a Drag featuring Pandora Boxx.

The popular work-out videos of the 80’s are getting a drag makeover as fitness expert Craig Ramsay (Fit and Phab) along with hostess Pandora revive the trend with a fresh and funny new treatment.

This entertaining video has it all. From the ever-important warm up techniques to cardio, upper and lower body workouts all done to some sarcastic wit from the hostess. It's comedy meets cardio. 

The video also changes up the format by allowing the participants, to execute each segment onstage in front of a live studio audience.

Drag queens Cake Moss, Lucky Madison, fitness expert Becky Jennings (American Ninja Warrior) and fashion designer Octavius Terry help demonstrate each move and after every five minute block repeat them all in succession for the “Take it to the Stage” segment.

This video is also interactive as you can share your personal best on the social media stage with the hashtag #WORKOUTSADRAG.  

With five exercises in one-minute bursts, this is an easy way to firm up and stay entertained without feeling as though you’re going to die of exhaustion.

“Most workout programs are created by fitness experts for fitness junkies,” says Ramsay. “We take fitness seriously but executing the workout should be fun. Our goal is to revitalize this space by enabling people to experience exercise in a completely new way.”

This workout video is fast-paced and has many fun excercises that don't feel as though your overexurting yourself, but still getting the benefits of a productive workout, especially in the core segment.

It's glitzness meets fitness. 

Watch the trailer HERE.

You can purchase this DVD through Power Music HERE