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I eat healthy but can’t lose this weight!

Grant Foreman, fitness and health expert for SDGLN

You know there are some areas where you could do a little better, but for the most part you feel that your diet is actually pretty good. And if we take a quick glance at it together it may actually be alright yet you still aren’t losing weight. So what gives?

When you think you’re facing a contradiction, check your premises.

I’m going to apply this to our diet this week.

Everyone needs a certain amount of calories to meet their energy expenditure. Yours is different from mine, and that of your co-worker. Make sure you’re eating for you.

Let’s say you need 2,000 a day to maintain your current weight. Monday through Friday you’ve stayed on track with no deviations. Saturday was mostly ok outside of dinner but you actually only got in 1,500. Sunday was a cheat day, so after brunch, lunch, drinks, and treats we’re at 3,500.

…Oh, we did forget that on Wednesday Carol from HR brought in cookies and Thursday you had four glasses of wine with the crew. That’s another 1,200 cal.

I’m doing this so you can see the effect of weekly calorie totaling because this is where the extras sneak in.

Theoretically this person should have 14,000 cals a week. But after totaling they’re at 16,200. That’s 2,200 cals over; which is more than one of their entire days! 

You would have to work an entire day’s worth of calories off for those cheats and sneaks not to add up.

You can BASCIALLY follow a diet, and you will get BASIC results in return.

If you want to take control of your body do so by food logging with an app in your phone for at least three weeks. After following it well for that amount of time, you make tweaks to find the right fit for you. But if you can’t stick to it, how will you know where to make changes?

At the very least, be mindful of weekly totals and the effect of the cheat meals and snacks.

Let me know if you need help figuring out your totals and write me at writegf@gmail.com!