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UK University offers students Amazon cards for their sperm

UK University offers Amazon cards to young sperm donors for study
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A London University is offering £75 (about $108) worth of Amazon vouchers to students who are willing to manually donate their sperm.

Sheffield University in South Yorshire, is handing out flyers around the campus asking men between 18 and 30 if they would be willing to test how the chemical compound Lycopene, a red pigment found in red fruit varieties, affects their sperm count.

Scientists are claiming that the pigment could increase the quality of the sperm by 75-percent, therefore helping couples having fertilization problems with a geater chance of conception. 

They also claim that Lycopene can neutralize damage done to sperm from oxidative stress.

Professor Allan Pacey of Sheffield is recruiting 60 males on campus to take part in the three month study and hopes that his findings will be fruitful.

There is enough evidence out there to indicate this study is worth doing and I am cautiously optimistic. If it works in the volunteers we would then consider testing it in infertile patients.

Production of sperm takes three months. This study will tell us if lycopene improves the quality of sperm already in development by reducing DNA damage, and whether it produces an overall increase in the number of mature sperm produced overall.