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Life Beyond Therapy: 'The untethered soul'

Have you ever wondered, “How can I become less reactive and impulsive?” or “How can I turn down the noisy voice(s) in my head and experience more peace of mind?”

Michael A. Singer’s book “The Untethered Soul” answers questions like these.

In the book, Singer walks us through our relationship with our thoughts and emotions and helps us become more of an observer of the noisy voices that I call our “monkey mind” — the part of your mind that’s continually analyzing and debating, “You should do this; no, you should do that,” destroying any chance for peace.

Singer looks at the attention that we unconsciously give to our monkey mind, so that we can question it, instead of being run by it.

An untethered soul, as he defines it, allows us to be more playful; we can experience life as an adventurous experiment, not a predictable set of circumstances that we have to somehow slog through.

This wonderful book simplifies a very complex subject. Singer walks us through steps on how to free ourselves from habitual thoughts and emotions that limit our consciousness. I have just learned so much from this book that I’ve recommended it to clients, who have also found it helpful.

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