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Pride Journey: Provincetown/Cape Cod

Cape Cod is known for attracting throngs of LGBTQ beach and party goers to its northmost tip, Provincetown. Having never been to P-Town, the locals found it surprising that I would visit during the winter when the town's population is a fraction of what it is during the summer.

Pride Journey: Milwaukee

I am always up for a big adventure, so I thought visiting Milwaukee right before winter would be a good idea. Little did I know, winter comes early in Wisconsin. I was greeted with a small snow storm and below freezing temperatures, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. It was my first time visiting the city and I had lots to see.

Popeyes offers "support chicken" to air travelers

"Emotional Support Chicken" is now a travel companion thanks to Popeyes restaurants.

Talk about comfort food, this Popeyes at the Philadelphia International Airport is helping nervous fliers ease their anxiety with a new promotion. 

Pride Journey: Oklahoma City

I thoroughly enjoy visiting lesser known cities around the country as you go in with little expectations or preconceived notions. I had visited OKC very briefly a few years ago, but never spent a substantial amount of time there.

Pride Journey: Indianapolis

Joey Amato is the publisher of Pride Journeys, a website dedicated to LGBT travel. Joey has spent over a decade in LGBT media and public relations and currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

Endless summer special at the Porto Vista Hotel

Endless Summer specials at the Porto Vista Hotel and Suites in San Diego.

The spirit of summer will remain alive at the Porto Vista Hotel with their Endless Summer Special rates.

The hotel itself with its relaxing atmosphere, sophisticated design, and a beautiful harbor view will make you forget summer ever left.

"Big Fat Broadway Cruise" returns February 2018

“Big Fat Broadway Cruise” sails again February 2018.

With the success of Seth’s “Big Fat Broadway Cruise” aboard the Celebrity Solstice to Alaska this past July, the cruise line is bringing back this special 7-night musical adventure in February 2018.

Sirius XM radio host Seth Rudetsky returns and is hosting even more entertainment this time around. 

Italian LGBT officials say "gay" restroom sign was humiliating

Restroom sign in Italian restroom causes stir among LGBT group.

Italy has made some strides with LGBT acceptance, they even legalized gay marriage in 2016.

But one bed and breakfast called Le Camporelle di Cavallino in the southern part of that country had some LGBT watch groups wondering about its restroom signage.