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Food For Thought: A culinary adventure through San Diego

SDGLN introduces Food For Thought, a new food blog hosted by "foodie" Seth Ellis Klonsky. Today's guest is Frank Sabatini Jr., who reviews restaurants for SDGLN.

U*NI*TY promises to entertain you

U*NI*TY boasts live shows including body art, music, Steph Johnson, over 20 artists including Roxanne Mather, a special midnight performance by Bea Gill, DJ DirtyKurty and raffle giveaways.

VIDEO: Lesbians that rock - Veronica May

Veronica May is able to wear many hats -- from heavy blues, folk guitar and vocals to songs that are mellow and have an almost Norah Jones quality to them.

Lesbians that rock: Ellamae

Ellamae was formed in the summer of 2009, and has done nothing but gain momentum since.

Bottoms Up: Meet me halfway

And while the Black Eyed Peas were obviously too busy to meet the local press halfway, LMFAO rolled up with a ton of energy, a plethora of groupies, and even gave SDGLN an exclusive interview.

Restaurant Review: All American Grill

When Au co-opened All American Grill last year, many in the culinary community were baffled. How could such an accomplished chef spring from passionately composing lobster-leek cannelloni topped with caviar to getting his hands into meatloaf?