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Theater Review: "Monsieur Chopin"

"Hershey Felder as Monsieur Chopin" plays through October 6, 2019 at San Diego Repertory’s Space Theatre, 79 Horton Plaza, downtown.

Hershey Felder’s Chopin, on the other hand, is both a fine pianist and an engaging teacher, and he’s back in town with his one-man show about “Monsieur Chopin.” You can see him through Oct. 6 at San Diego Repertory’s Space Theatre. Joel Zwick directs.

Theater Review: “Victor/Victoria"

“Victor/Victoria” plays through September 28, 2019, at Moonlight Amphitheatre, 1200 Vale Terrace Drive, Vista.

When a broke, hungry singer named Victoria (Allison Spratt Pearce) meets a barely-employed café singer in a Left Bank club, Toddy (Lance Arthur Smith) tries to help her by setting up an audition with the club owner.

Shane Gillis fired from SNL for past homophobic comments

Comedian Shane Gillis won't be proud as a peacock after all. NBC has fired the jokester soon after announcing his hiring as a cast member for the 45th season of Saturday Night Live. Gillis was set to join two other new hires, including its first-ever Asian-American cast member, Bowen Yang, who also happens to be openly gay. 

Flesh deserves top-billing in "Steam Room Stories: The Movie"

"Steam Room Stories: The Movie" is about a brutal corporate mogul who discovers that one of the world's most sought after cures lies beneath a small L.A. business. She then sets out to shut it down in an attempt to profit off the find not knowing the company is already facing foreclosure and its customers have band together to save it. Sounds like an up brow "save the farm" drama. 

Theater Review: “Amadeus”

“Amadeus” plays through October 6, 2019 at North Coast Repertory Theatre

It’s always good to start a play with a mystery, and Peter Shaffer’s 1979 “Amadeus” opens with a dandy: Viennese citizens whispering among themselves and asking in hushed tones “Did he do it?”

They’re talking about the rumors that composer Antonio Salieri poisoned young upstart Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

"Victor/Victoria" on stage at the Moonlight Amphitheatre

Victor/Victoria plays from September 11 - 28, 2019.

Victor/Victoria is a witty, comic romp examining questions of gender, identity, and love, set in Paris in the 1930s.

English soprano Victoria Grant finds herself at a nightclub, without work or money. She meets Carroll Todd, or "Toddy," a performer at the club who gets fired while trying to help her.

Movie Review: "The Last Photograph"

Movie Review: "The Last Photograph."

Actor Danny Huston exposes a side of himself we don't often see in "The Last Photograph." Huston also directs and stars in this 85-minute moving meditation on love, grief and the search for peace.