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Chill Bar Palm Springs releases statement regarding disruptive groups of patrons

Chill Bar, a popular bar and nightclub on the Arenas Road LGBTQ strip in Palm Springs, recently released a statement regarding disruptive behavior in their venue. 

The lengthy statement begins by sharing the bars' commitment to diversity and the importance of LGBTQ+ spaces throughout history.

The statements asks that patrons not be louder than the 50,000 watt sound system in the venue, and reminds guests that if they are repeatedly disruptive, they will be asked to leave.

The full statement is below:

Chill Bar Palm Springs consistently strives to fulfill its mission of Diversity Celebrated. We welcome every human being to join us and experience the special community that LGBTQ+ individuals have built, first as a matter of survival and even today as a beacon for those still lost and searching.
For whatever reason, the LGBTQ+ community comes together on the dancefloor. Discreet speakeasys employing all manner of tricks to allow same-sex couples to dance; Harlem drag balls; discos; enormous circuit parties that raised money for AIDS and proved to ourselves we were still alive. These are all part of our history and community, and we are happy to share it with anyone who is truly interested and recognizes the special nature of what they are experiencing.
The dancefloor at Chill Bar is a place to connect with this community and this history. It is a communal space that we all share. If you are celebrating a private event that is really about you and your friends, please consider whether you might be more comfortable doing so in a private setting. And while we have gogo dancers to provide entertainment and encourage everyone to dance, we are not a strip club.
If you decide to join us, keep in mind that dancing is about the music and the movement. If we can hear you over a 50,000 watt sound system, you are too loud. Going forward, our security staff will let individuals and groups know when they are being disruptive to the communal space. Repeated disruptions will result in us asking you to leave.
We appreciate your consideration in keeping the party fun for everyone.

Some who commented on the social post praised the decision, saying this is an important reminder for those celebrating bachelorette parties. It is commonly known that many groups of cisgender heterosexual women have enjoyed celebrating their bachelorette parties in recent years, with some LGBTQ patrons complaining that some of the groups treat the venue like a "circus" or disrespect the safety of the space for members of the LGBTQ community. Many have pointed out the irony of some bachelorette groups who choose to celebrate in LGBTQ bars because they feel safer than they would around men in "straight" bars, but in doing so, causing many LGBTQ people to feel unsafe.

Famed bar and nightclub The Abbey in West Hollywood banned bachelorette parties from their venue in 2012, but the reason they cited was that these parties should not be held in LGBTQ bars until everyone had the right to marry. 

The issue of bachelorette parties aside, many who work in the bar and nightlife service industry have said that some patrons have been extra disruptive. Some bars and night spots have had to take extra measures or beef up security to control unruly patrons. Many in the industry have made social media posts urging community members to be patient and respectful while in their venues as we all get through the continued effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

See Chill Bar's statement and the accompanying comments on their Facebook page here