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Gossip Grill to host Holigay Pop-Up Market

Gossip Grill to host Holigay Pop-Up Market

As the COVID-19 pandemic has once again closed down any sort of on-site dining at restaurants throughout most of California, many venues are getting creative with the ways they safely sell their products to customers for take-out and delivery service.

Since last week's closure, Gossip Grill, known as Hillcrest's women's bar, has done a number of creative things including drag queen and unicorn delivery services, a to-go bar, and virtual trivia. This Sunday, Dec. 20 from 12 noon to 4 pm, the venue will host a pop-up market on their outdoor parklet.

The event will include a variety of local women and LGBTQ+ artists and shop owners selling a variety of creative wares. During the event, Gossip Grill will be open for customers to order and pick-up to-go bites and booze.

Masks and social distancing will be required, space may be limited, and all sanitation and safety protocols will be followed.

Gossip Grill is located at 1220 University Ave. in Hillcrest.