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Diversionary Theatre to virtually stream "Plot Points in Our Sexual Development"

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, San Diego's Diversionary Theatre, like most other theater companies around the world, has had to cancel its public productions for the unforeseen future. Diversionary was set to stage the west coast premiere of Plot Points In Our Sexual Development this month and while the communtiy won't be able to see it live on stage, the theater has a video recording available for streaming.

The final run through of the show was filmed before it was scheduled to enter the techincal rehearsal phase was captured on video and through special arrangement with Actors' Equity Association and Concord Theatricals, the play's licensor, Diversionary will offer the video for community members to watch at home for a limited time. The theater is offering the video for streaming starting today through Thursday, April 30 to anyone who purchases an "admission" in support of Diversionary. The theater company is known as the third oldest LGBT theater in the nation.

As the video was captured before the technical phase, it does not include the full support of the scenic, costume, lighting, or sound designers.

"While I believe the run through to be a powerful representation of the text, performances, and vision of the director, it does not represent a full production," said executive artistic director Matt M. Morrow. "Mainly, the designers' full contributions are missing. That being said, this play can be done very simply, and I stand by what this video has so powerfully captured."

The production follows the story of Theo and Cecily who are at a dire crossroads in their relationship and need to come clean with the details of their sexual histories. As they excavate their past encounters, the truth of their experiences begins to undermine the very foundation of their relationship. A contemporary queer love story, Plot Points In Our Sexual Development explores the intersection of gender and intimacy, and the dangers of revealing yourself to the person you love.

Click the button below to purchase an "admission" and gain access to the video.