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Comedian Shawn Pelofsky & SDPIX present “Social Media Meltdowns”

Comedian Shawn Pelofsky & SDPIX present “Social Media Meltdowns”
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Shawn Pelofsky

The saying is true: Laughter really is the best medicine and everyone could use a little bit of that right now. There might be no better way to get the cure than from the professionals whose job it is to prescribe it.

Comedian and LGBTQIA+ ally, Shawn Pelofsky is one such expert, and her show "Social Media Meltdowns," presented by SDPIX, is already bringing levity to an ailing world.

Pelofsky says this show comes at time when people are scared and uncertain about their livelihoods and, in her experience, bringing a smile to someone's face is a powerful thing. 

"I have been a professional comedian for over 18 years," she says. "In that time, I have entertained our troops overseas in war zones and brought smiles to the elderly and terminally ill. If there’s one thing I know, laughter is key and is a service that I’m proud to provide. People need it now more than ever and more importantly, so do the comedians and entertainers, since we no longer have live venues available to us."

"Social Media Meltdowns," which just premiered on YouTube, is a part of Hale Media's ongoing efforts to showcase and support our community during these times when artists are not able to bring their craft to the public eye. 

The comedian says “Social Media Meltdowns” is one of LA's hottest monthly live comedy shows which regularly plays to sold-out audiences. It originally began in The Belly Room of The World Famous Comedy Store.

What makes this show unique is that it takes amusing social media posts and turns them into hilarious skits. When asked why she would choose social media to spoof, she says it was a no-brainer.  

"I mean if there’s one thing that’s never going away, it’s social media," she says. "It’s everywhere (well except North Korea and China) and there’s not one person in this world who hasn’t seen a crazy post from someone they know. I thought what if comedians and variety acts take all the wild things said on social media and perform them as creatively as we want, basically bringing them to life. I describe it as a 'Modern Day SNL. 

With that being said, due to circumstances not foreseen, I knew I had to assimilate with the times and figure a way to present my show online while social distancing. Now comedians shoot the social media post, comments or review of their choice in their own home and send them to me. It’s definitely been a learning experience, but I’m super proud of what the show has become. One day we will be back live at The Comedy Store, but until then, let’s all have a big laugh while we are safe at home."

Every Friday, the creators will bring a new episode of the show from stage to stream and viewers can now laugh with comedians as they lampoon posts, reviews, and comments from Facebook, Yelp, Instagram, Grindr, Nextdoor, Twitter and more.


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