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Crest Cafe is open for business!

Crest Cafe has served Hillcrest daily for 38 years, and continues to be there for the community serving hearty, healthy comfort food throughout the COVID-19 crisis. With slightly modified operations, the cafe is serving all of its menus so those who are looking for a basic breakfast, a scrumptious brunch, a quick lunch, a dinner feast, dessert, or drinks, Crest Cafe has got them covered!

Due to the public health order restricting restaurant operations for the health and wellbeing of employees and customers, the cafe is currently open for take-out and delivery orders only, daily from 7 am to 10 pm. Just like during normal operations, Crest Cafe is serving all menus all the time, which means if you’re craving a burger at 8 am or pancakes at 8 pm, you are in luck! Crest Cafe’s menu has over 120 items so there is truly something for everyone, including popular favorites like the Hangover Omelette, Sam the Cooking Guy's Blueberry Biscuit Bundt French Toast, The Butter Burger, Cecelia’s Chopped Salad, and Peach Cobbler for dessert!

Also available for take-out during this time is wine, beer, and vodka cocktails, items that were not previously for take-out. Crest Cafe is happy to help you stock up on bottles of delicious red or white wine, a great selection of local beers, as well as mimosas, and pre-made vodka cocktails such as Bloody Marys. Customers are welcome to order these delicious alcoholic beverages to help make their at home time a little bit better. Of course, the full selection of coffees, teas, juices, and other non-alcoholic hot and cold beverages are also available to go anytime.

Take-out customers who are walking up to the cafe or want to get of the car to stretch their legs are more than welcome to come into the lobby of Crest Cafe to pick up their order - and of course, all customers and delivery drivers in the cafe are asked to practice social distancing. Those who prefer to stay in the safety of their own car can pull right up to the curb in front of the cafe and the staff will be more than happy to bring orders out for “Curbside Pickup.” Call 619.295.2510 to place a take-out order.

Those who wish to have their ordered delivered can do so by visiting crestcafe.net/order-online and select from one of Crest Cafe’s delivery partners, some of which are offering special promotions at this time. Currently, UberEats is offering $0 delivery fee for all customers, with an additional $10 off for first time users with promo code eatstogether6j917s. Those who use DoorDash receive $0 delivery fee every Saturday through April during the platform’s #LocalRestaurantSaturdays promotion. Additional services such as Postmates are also available.

Crest Cafe wants to make sure they are open every single day to continue serving the community as they have for 4 decades, even in the most challenging of times. Customers with any questions or concerns can contact the cafe anytime at 619.295.2510 (fastest response) or by e-mailing crestcafeboss@gmail.com. Crest Cafe is located at 425 Robinson Ave. in the heart of Hillcrest. Visit them online at crestcafe.net.

Crest Cafe at a glance:

  • Open daily 7 am to 10 pm
  • Full menu available at crestcafe.net
  • Phone number: 619.295.2510
  • Pick-up address: 425 Robinson Ave., San Diego, CA  92103
  • Curbside pickup-available
  • Delivery available. Visit crestcafe.net/order-online.