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Meet local artist Eric Humphreys

Meet local artist Eric Humphreys.

His parents allowed him to build a large wall in the backyard in an effort to keep his skills above board. The 40ft x 8ft structure was not a place to keep him contained though--just the opposite; it allowed him to freely express himself through the art of painting.

From there, Eric explored different styles and techniques as he learned about them. It wasn't until he moved to Hillcrest, and thanks to the encouragement of his girlfriend, he mustered up the courage to show his pieces to the public. 

San Diego Gay & Lesbian News spoke with the artist, now, 27, who works as a Local 619 construction carpenter by day and painter by night. 

San Diego Gay & Lesbian News: Where did you grow up? 

Eric Humphreys: I am a San Diego native. I grew up in Santee, CA

How would you describe your artistic style?

My painting style is like a mix of Jackson Pollock abstract expressionism blended with the fluid motion of oil-based paint pours.

All my paintings start off with an urban spray paint background. I grew up doing graffiti so I try to keep my roots in my work today.

Most of my pieces are then topped off with an epoxy resin to make all the colors pop.

Are you a part of the LGBT community?

My girlfriend and I live in Hillcrest and have the utmost love and support for our community and the LGBT!

What inspires you?

My inspiration comes from the love we see at our events. Friends, family, and meeting new great people. That’s what its all about! Bringing people together and sharing the art and experience with loved ones.

In your opinion why is art important?

For me, painting helps me relieve the everyday struggles. We all can relate to job stress, money struggles, loss of loved ones, etc. I want my paintings to represent the thoughts of beauty inside chaos.

I want my work to be a reminder to search for a smile when it feels like everything around you is falling down. Through my art, I hope we all find the courage to keep pushing forward and focus on the positive in this crazy world.

What would you say to young artists out there just starting to develop their interest in painting?

To all the future artist out there, whatever artistic style you are interested in, never be afraid to express yourself. Don’t hold back on trying new things, stretch the boundaries and always come from your heart.

Where can people find your work?

You can find my work on Instagram @humphreyspaints and our website can be found HERE.

You can discover Eric's work for yourself at any one of the art exhibits around San Diego or on his website