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London subway singer appears on "Ellen" to belt out "Shallow" in full

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The subway seems to the place to find amazing talent. First, there was the Emily Zamourka in Los Angeles who sang her heart out the Koreatown Metro station and thanks to a viral cellphone video landed a music deal

Then, across the Atlantic, inside the London Tube, Charlotte Awbery was approached by Kevin Freshwater. an internet vlogger whose game "Finish the Lyric" calls on people to finish well-known songs on the spot. 

Awbery was on her way to visit friends when Freshwater approached her singing Lady Gaga's "Shallow" and invited her to finish the song which to his, and the world's surprise, she did like a seasoned pro.

The impromptu performance was an instant sensation and thrust Awbery into the spotlight.

Ellen DeGeneres invited Awbery to the show where she performed "Shallow" in its entirety then sat down next to the host to discuss what happened that day in the Tube. 

The singer dispelled the rumors that the entire thing was a planned practical joke, which was confirmed by Freshwater, who was sitting in the audience.

Turns out Awbery is a professional singer, but on a smaller scale, she performs at weddings, birthdays and other celebratory gigs. 

The singer has gone from 7,000 Instagram followers to more than 342,000.

You can watch the singer perform "Shallow" then sit down next to the host who surprises her with a gift.