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Drag Queen of All Media, RuPaul, expands "All Stars" to premium pay cable

Drag Queen of All Media, Ru Paul expands "All Stars" to premium pay cable.
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RuPauls Drag Race

RuPaul is becoming the drag queen of all media, next stop: Showtime.

The Emmy winning reality star is getting ready to judge a whole new set of queens on Drag Race 12 for VH1 in just a few days, but sister show All-Stars is moving to the premium cable channel Showtime.

Going back to its roots, RuPaul's Drag Race began as a low budget series for a little genre network called Logo, which, thanks to the show, grew into the number one channel for all things LGBT. 

It took nine seasons for Drag Race on Logo before VH1 came calling and snatched the show for themselves. And now Showtime wants a piece of the action, taking spin-off show All-Stars under its marquee.

Although the media family ViacomCBS owns all three channels, what was usually free for basic cable will need an upcharge for the subscription channel. 

A press release says that All Stars will “air first” on Showtime giving way to speculation that it will make its way to basic channels after the premiere.

With 37 Emmy nominations and 13 wins, sagging Showtime subscriptions might be looking for the magic only the LGBT dollar can give. 

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars season 5 is slated to air on June 5.