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The most ever LGBT-inclusive ads played during the Super Bowl

The most ever LGBT-inclusive ads played during the Super Bowl.
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The Super Bowl was charged with Latinx political statements during the spectacular half-time show starring Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. But the LGBT community was also well-represented, much to the dismay of some conservatives, during the intermissions. In fact, according to GLAAD this was a landmark broadcast as far as representing the pink dollar. And it's not even June. 

“Unfortunately for the anti-LGBTQ activists, this year will mark the most diverse and LGBTQ-inclusive advertising seen during the Super Bowl in its history,” GLAAD reported before the big game. 

New Now Next reports that there were 77 ad spots during the show and the following adverts served up more than just the items they were pitching. 

Real-life couple Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi wonder what life was like before Amazon's digital assistant Alexa came into existence. 

Another married couple, U.S. women’s national soccer team players and World Cup champs Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris were featured in a Budweiser spot:

Out singer and Grammy winner Lil Nas X and actor Sam Elliott visit the Cool Ranch and have a High Noon dance moment for Doritos. 

Groundbreaking gay football coach Katie Sowers says “Be the One” for Microsoft Surface.

Olay took bisexual comedian Lilly Singh into space with their funny spot. 

Everyone's favorite high-energy Queer Eye consultant Jonathan Van Ness served up the sweet for Pop-Tarts. 

Hermmus, well, hummus was the dipping medium of choice for Drag Race stars Miz Cracker and Kim Chi for Sabra. 

Isis King (When They See Us) and Trace Lysette (Hustlers) did the "Turbo Tax" in this ad for the tax filing service.